Team Cranbrook responds to Governor’s water mandate

With Governor Brown’s water restriction announcement in early April 2015, the way property owners and managers think about and use water has forever changed. There is a “new normal” coming.

The priority and expectation to save water is now greater than many have seen in decades — and it’s unclear just how bad things could get if California doesn’t receive the needed amount of snowpack and rainfall it needs this winter.

While many building owners are working to determine how they will respond to the on-going drought, our plan is an extension of our sustainability efforts that began in 2014.

Team Cranbrook’s 2014 “Going Green” plan focused on reducing our impact in key areas of our operation including how we think about and use water.

Shortly after the Governor’s announcement, we began a series of water audits throughout our 2.5 million square foot portfolio of office, industrial, flex and multi-family properties.

Much of our focus is on permanent landscaping changes as that’s where a majority of the water is used. However, we’re also focused on changes within our buildings such as installing water-saving fixtures and re-evaluating how much water is used within various operational processes.

What’s your “new normal” when it comes to water use? Regardless of the water restrictions where you live, you’ve no doubt changed the way you think about and use water and so have we — and that’s a good thing.