Office, Industrial, and Flex Space

Team Cranbrook...It's Our People​

Regardless of industry, business seems to move faster than ever with high expectations and short time frames to get things done. In owning and managing our portfolio of 3 million square feet and with more than 400 customers, we've come up with a way to ensure that we're making the most of our time, so we are able to respond to our customers' needs. This method directly benefits our customers’ experience, reinforcing why our properties and our company are the ideal choice for quality Office, Industrial, or Flex space, embodying the essence of "Right Space. Best Place." With expertise and unparalleled knowledge, Team Cranbrook combines a truly innovative approach to commercial real estate with the work ethic and attention to detail expected from those who are accustomed to the highest-quality service.

One of our Founding Principles Benefits You

Our founders, Richard Kulka and Jim Devenport, have undertaken numerous pivotal property decisions throughout their careers. Yet, none rival the enduring significance and profound impact of a good location. A cornerstone of the Cranbrook philosophy has been the strategic acquisition of properties situated in proximity to major interstates and freeways. Cranbrook properties are predominantly observable from Interstates 580/680, 880, Highway 92 in the East Bay, and Highways 99, 120, and Interstate 80 in the Central Valley

If you’re looking for a quality Office, Industrial, or Flex property with easy on/easy off access to the nearest Interstate or Freeway, your search ends here. It’s still about location, location, location and at Cranbrook, our focus always centers on securing prime locations - every time.

We're Fast, Focused & Flexible​

We’re Fast - Our property teams oversee the day-to-day property management responsibilities and there are only two decision-making levels above them - our COO/CFO and CEO. This allows us to respond to leasing inquiries and operational issues quickly. 

We’re Focused on Our Customers - We exist because tenants need to lease quality space. We strive to make good on the expectations our customers have of us. 

We’re Flexible - Our property management teams are responsible for both the leasing and operational components of our properties, resulting in our tenants communicating with fewer people throughout the process. In many cases, the people who negotiate the lease are the same people who will provide day-to-day property management.

We're Always Looking For Great Service Partners​

We highly value our service partners - the people and businesses that provide everything from janitorial services and landscaping to plumbing and security services - and we are always looking to expand our roster of qualified service partners.

If your product or service has the potential to enhance our property management operations in the East Bay or Central Valley, we invite you to get in touch with us. Simply navigate to the Contact page and submit your information. We look forward to speaking with you!

Interested in Joining Team Cranbrook?

Like any winning team, we’re always interested in great team players in and out of season. Cranbrook Group, Inc. provides an empowering space for individuals to excel in property management, promoting autonomy, strong leadership, and sound decision-making with reliable follow-through. If you have a strong work ethic and find fulfillment in the diverse aspects of property management, we invite you to contact us to learn more about potential employment opportunities. Please submit your résumé to [email protected] and we will be in touch!

We Manage Everything

Right Space. Best Place.

Part of the Cranbrook philosophy is to own properties in strategic locations near major interstates and/or freeways.

our Cranbrook Commitment

Rooted in conservative management practices with a strong commitment to be the "Right Space. Best Place." partner to our more than 400 customers.

Great Service Partners

Our valued service partners provide an array of high quality services ranging from janitorial services to security solutions.

Fast, Focused & Flexible

At Cranbrook, we respond promptly to tenant requests and provide end-to-end services that are tailor-made for our customers.